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CCC Group Rules

CCC Group Rules



If you enjoy this group, please make my life easier and play nice please. Thank you!
Remember, Being a Member is a privilege, Not a right!
Welcome to “Craig Community Chat”.
A place we can come and ask questions about; camping, fishing, local events, to help promote local business, where to buy items etc. No yard sale stuff, just a place for info sharing. Drama free environment. Be sure to invite your friends & family!
Membership Requirements
1. You must have a Facebook Account for a period of 1 month or longer!
2. You must have a profile picture / or you will not be able to post!
3. You must answer all of our membership questions when you apply or you will be denied!
1. Ask questions about information in the area. If you have any questions, information or advice please feel free to post in the group.
2. Share information and events in the area. If you submit a post in regards to an event or an advertisement and it’s not approved, it’s most likely because it has already been shared. If you submit a post and it’s declined, you will receive a note from me along with the decline notification that explains why it was declined. Please don’t let it discourage you from posting other events/topics that haven’t been shared.
3. Post ads for your business in Craig/Moffat. Because one of the main objectives of this page is to encourage local spending, we do allow restaurant, business and event posts on the page. Please keep ads limited to one per day. Persons who over post will be blocked and removed!
4. Share lost/found items.
5. Share information and discuss local political issues and state/country wide issues that impact our region directly.
6. Join in on the conversation.
7. ISO (in search of) charity items for children’s classroom projects our elderly residents or humane society requests are perfectly acceptable.
8. Post Go fund me campaign links for local residents. All Go Fund me and Donation Projects, must be cleared thru our Non-Profit / Donations Coordinator. Please submit a request to:
9. If you see anything posted that goes against our group guidelines please report the post “to group admins”, tag me or send me a message. Need Help:


10. Share funny/cute posts and memes that are not political. They don’t HAVE to be in direct relation to Craig/Moffat.
11. Lost and missing pet should be posted at:
We will then spotlight them on our front page!
12. You are allowed up to 3 pictures with your ad.


Memes are equivalent to the comics section of the newspaper, they are not meant to be educational, informative or even to spark a conversation, just for a giggle. Please keep in mind comedy is subjective so you may not find them all funny.
1. No advertising of or ISO yard sales or yard sale items, there are a ton of local buy/sell/trade groups as well as FB Marketplace for those types of items. Good news is, we have this page you can add your yard sale and Buy/Sale/ Trade items on:
2. Facebook does not allow selling or trading of animals or explosives therefore this group doesn’t either.
3. Advertise your business with “live” videos unless pre approved by admin. No “watch parties“ either.
4. Advertise your business on another business’s post.
5. Promote business outside of Craig/Moffat. I am on a mission to promote local small business and to encourage keeping our tax dollars IN our community.
6. Share information or post political issues, state/country wide issues that do not impact our region directly. If it is a general post but you feel it is relatable to Craig/Moffat, please just add some verbiage to your post explain how you feel it ties into the community of Craig/Moffat. Need Help:


7. No name calling of other members allowed. Offenders will be removed and blocked from the group, without warning.
8. Dirty Delete- If you “Dirty Delete” your post, you will be kicked out of the group. If you are going to post to complain about a local business, THINK or TAKE ACTION before you post. This rule also applies to any post that causes a commotion. You don’t get to just come in, start a fire and then walk away when it gets too hot for you. Either stand by your post or please just don’t post.
9. We will not approve any USPS and Delivery Service posts. Doxing is illegal. USPS Phone Number 970-824-8506
Please refer to this post for more Post Office information.
10. No post shaming. If you do not approve of the content of another members post, please just keep scrolling, hide the post or block the member. Complaining about a complaint post is not allowed. Offenders will be removed and blocked from the group, without warning.
11. No “Going Real Life” do not physically or verbally confront any one in real life as a result of a conversation here. Craig Community Chat will not be held responsible for the actions of others.
12. No drama! This is my breakdown of the no drama rule.
13. Please do not HIJACK a Post, It is not allowed! A thread hijacking occurs when one or more individuals commenting on the original posting, go off topic, creating a separate conversation.
14. We love the enthusiasm that our members have, but you are only allowed one advertising post per day, feel free to add to the comments of it.
*Although Facebook restricts certain speech and content along with allowing groups to make their own rules regarding speech, I firmly believe in our rights as American citizens in regards to freedom of speech.
We are a Facebook Group, not the United States Government you have no freedom of speech rights here.................. This is very important to remember because if we deem your post to be against our rules and policies, we reserve the right to delete it or block you!
*Just because someone does not agree with you or questions your opinion does not equate to drama. Sometimes you can learn a lot about a person by what they post or their comments. In their attempt to disparage someone’s character they usually reveal what kind of person they truly are.
*If I deleted every comment or post that someone disagreed with we would never have any constructive conversations. Making the sausage isn’t pretty. You can either join in on the conversation in a civil matter, or keep scrolling, the choice is completely yours and yours alone.
*If you continually post negative content without adding value to the conversation your posts or comments of a negative nature will be deleted with the possibility of being blocked from the group, at the admins/moderators discretion.
*When someone starts a positive post like, “What do you love about Craig?” If a member feels the need to come into a positive post and piss on it like a dog with their negativity, comments will be deleted. If you feel the need to express some negative emotions, start your own post.
*Comments that don’t enhance the conversation and are just meant to bully someone else. Again, repeat offenders are kicked out of the group. But on the flip side, if I see that someone is being combative on your post or comment and you are responding and handling your business, I will leave it alone. I have actually seen posts heading south that took a turn for the best. It’s perfectly fine to agree to disagree.
*Posts of a political nature will be shared here from time to time, please keep them and all responses limited to issues that directly impact the Craig/Moffat communities.
Constructive discussion and healthy debate among our community members is important. This is not the venue to discuss political issues on the national level that do not impact our community directly (there are plenty of other groups for that).
These are the reasons members are kicked out and blocked from the group. I personally block everyone once they are booted. If they don’t have enough respect to read and follow the group rules, they don’t deserve my time or respect to take them by the hand like a child and explain it to them.
  • Calling other members names
  • Attempting to shame a member for posting something in the group
  • Dirty deleting a post
  • Trolling
  • Threatening physical violence
  • Lying about the group or requesting others come start drama in the group on your personal page or in another group.
  • DO NOT BLOCK ADMINS/MODS. Having Your Profile Unavailable, We will see you, your posts, and your comments. You will be deleted promptly when it is noticed.
  • Admin Role ~ Admin Reserve the right to mute the comment section of a post, remove a post, remove a comment, or block a member if needed. At Admin's sole descretion.
  • The business must be in good standing with Craig Community Chat - Owner Not Blocked!  We do not support companies, that do not support us!! Any business that is highlighted in our group is an optional privilege.  Any business owner that is not congenial or harmonious in their communications with the Administrative team will not be highlighted!
  • In a effort of keeping Our Content Fresh and Original, Which Keeps Our Membership Engaged. We reserve the right to remove any and all content that is posted on other sites!  This helps with our targeted audience of over 9.7 thousand current members!! No notice needs to be given!
  • No Toxic, Whiny, or Negative People.  Members can be removed & blocked without notice for any inappropriate behavior.  Members must keep all of their post and comments positive and encouraging!  No Whining, complaining, being argumentative, or any negative behavior.
  • Do not randomly friend request or send unsolicited messages to members (i.e. sales, making advances, etc.). This will result in your removal/banned from the group, without notice.
I am too OCD to just boot people for no reason. I can without a doubt 100% say I have NEVER booted anyone because of their opinions. If anyone has said they got kicked out of this group because of their opinion, they are not telling the truth.
Debate: Debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic. In a debate, opposing arguments are put forward to argue for opposing viewpoints. Debate occurs in public meetings, academic institutions, and legislative assemblies.
Drama: Typically "drama" is used by people who are chronically bored or those who seek attention. People who engage in "drama" will usually attempt to drag other people into their dramatic state, as a way of gaining attention or making their own lives more exciting.
We understand that sometimes there is a gray area when it comes to our rules and policies. So in all fairness, we have to advise you that our Admins/Moderators have the sole right to delete or block anyone or post without cause!
Remember, Membership is not a right, its a privilege!
Administrators/Moderators decisions are final!
There is NO complaint department or appeals process.
We do not answer "Private Messages" . If you have any questions or concerns about our group rules, please feel free to contact us: Need Help: